About Danny

PASSION - A term that I wake up each day and work to embody.   I am passionate about being a husband to my wonderful wife, a father to my beautful daughters, a friend, a son and business man and a trusted real estate advisor.   I am an avid believer that quality of life, in all of it's definitions, is the core to happiness.  As the cliche goes, Home Is Where The Heart Is...my heart , my passion, my mission is to collaborate with my clients to ensure that whether you are selling or buying your home that the process is seamless, enjoyable and effective. 

 A home is more than bricks and mortor, more than bedrooms and bathrooms. A home is where we raise families, make memories, shed tears, welcome guests, celebrate and live our lives.   I am passionate about helping you Discover Your New Lifestyle. 

 Passion - "An intense enthusiasm" A term I wake up each day and work to embody.